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A list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers is currently being created. Please check back if your question is not answered here. You are also welcome to contact the webmaster with your question (contact webmaster under Menu).

1. My child wants to register but I'm not sure he is going to like it. What is your refund policy?
Per board policy: 100% refund prior to 1st practice of the season; 50% refund after 1st practice; 0% refund after 1st game. This applies to late registrants as well.

2. My child is very skilled and wants to play for a team above his grade level. Is this allowed?
All players will be assigned to a team based on their grade level. BWL does not allow players from the 3/4 level through high school level to “play up” on the team above their current grade. “Playing up” in this context means fully joining (for practices and games) the team above their level.

As our program grows at all levels, however, youth coaches may occasionally need players from the grade just below their level to join their team for a game. For example, a grade 5/6 coach may need a 4th grader to join his team for a game due to low numbers. The 5/6 coach in this example would communicate with the coach of the grade 3/4 team to identify players that they both feel could play safely and competitively at the higher level. The 3/4 coach would then talk to the parents of the player and secure their permission.

Per Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association (WHSBLA) and Washington School Girls Lacrosse Association (WSLA) rules, no 8th grade girls or boys are allowed to play up at the high school level for any reason.

Per North Sound Youth Lacrosse (NSYL) league rules, only players one grade below a given level are allowed to play at that level (ex. – a 6th grader could play in a 7/8 game, but not a 5th grader).